Commercial Painting:

Keep Your Business Looking Its Best

Our Commercial Painting Contractors Can Enhance the Appearance Of Your Business

The appearance of your business matters. Businesses that lack curb appeal and a positive appearance are putting themselves at a disadvantage – regardless of how great their products or services are. At Novielli Painting, our team of commercial painters specialize in providing businesses with the services they need to rebrand and create the perfect look for their company — both inside and out. In our three decades of providing commercial painting services, we’ve learned how a fresh coat of paint can boost customer confidence and get new clients through the door. If your business’s paint is tired or outdated, let us help refresh it.

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  • More than three decades of commercial painting experience
  • Offers both interior and exterior painting for stores, offices, and other commercial properties
  • From trim touch-ups to repainting an entire building, we can handle it all
  • Our experienced painters can help reinforce the excellence of your brand
  • We schedule projects for minimal distraction and disruption of business operations
  • Offers free estimates for all commercial painting projects




When it comes to a project as big as painting the interior or exterior of your business, having the best commercial painting contractors on your side can make all of the difference. With over three decades of experience, business owners turn to Novielli Painting for all of their commercial painting needs. Attention to detail, a superior line of interior and exterior paint products, low prices, and a team of painting contractors that truly take pride in the work they do sets us apart from the competition. Whatever your needs, we can help you create the perfect look for your business.

Commercial Interior Painting

Did you know that the colors, shades, and hues inside of your commercial building can affect the moods and temperaments of your customers and employees? From monochromatic walls to beautiful and vibrant color schemes, our team will give your walls the professional, flawless finish that anyone who steps through your doors will notice. 

Commercial Exterior Painting

Business exterior painting is one of the best — and most cost-effective — ways to keep your company’s property looking fresh, attractive, and inviting from the outside. Our team of commercial painting contractors can mimic the styles and colors of your brand, the surrounding areas, or can create an eye-catching color scheme to help you stand out from the competition.

Request an Estimate, Contact Our Commercial Painting Contractors

Whether you own a small business or a large franchise, commercial painters at Novielli Painting can handle projects of any size! Give your business the visual appeal it deserves — give it Novielli Painting. Contact us today to request an estimate for your commercial painting needs.

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