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The paint job of a room speaks volumes about who you are as a homeowner. However vibrant a room’s paint might have been when you first moved in, it’s almost inevitable that time will wear off the paint and call for a new coat. That’s precisely where we come in at Novielli Painting.

We pride ourselves in running the best painting company in Fresno, Central California’s San Joaquin Valley, and beyond.

If you hate looking at your walls and wish to restore them to how they once were, you are already in the right place. Contact us today for the ideal paint job that your home deserves. We’ll gladly provide you with a free estimate so you can make a great choice to have your home renewed.

We’d like to share some essential information to keep in mind before painting a room.

A Successful Paint Job Starts with Adequate Preparation

Painting your room may seem like it can be easy. Perhaps, if you take your time to prepare for the “final coat” and trim-work, things will go well for the “do it yourself” homeowner. Preparing your room facilitates the smooth running of the whole process. Here are some helpful tips on how to prepare the room you plan to paint:

  • Move objects away from the wall. If it’s filled with heavy items like heavy furniture, move them to the center. Don’t forget to cover the valuables lest you risk staining them with paint.
  • Clean the walls thoroughly. Painting on dirty walls will not give the room the look it deserves, and the paint may not last as long as you would desire.
  • Cover any holes and cracks with reliable fillers available in the market.
  • Cover the floor as well to avoid splashing paint on it.

Preparing your room will give you an easy time during the painting process as well as help you avoid unnecessary post-painting clean-up like bleaching the furniture and the floor.

Priming the Walls is a GameChanger

Given how absorbent walls are, applying paint directly to them can frustrate your efforts. Painting directly can also drive you off your initial budget because you will logically need more paint to achieve the coat you have in mind. Priming the walls presents benefits such as:

  • It hides stubborn stains
  • It fosters paint adhesion to give it a long life.
  • It improves the chances of achieving the desired color with minimal coat layers.

Note that budgeting for primer does not mean that you can skip the cleaning process, even if the walls appear to be clean.

Test the Paint Color to See if It’s What you Need

Painting without testing your color of choice is a bad idea because lighting plays a major role in how a particular color looks. Even If you have already decided on a certain shade, it is advisable to test darker and lighter variants so as to decide which is best for each particular room. Luckily, the market has paint testing kits so that you do not have to test on the actual walls. Be keen to try on differently lighted parts of the wall to increase the chances of making a sound decision. For instance, place the testing sheets next to a window as well as at the very corner of the room that receives much less light. Only then can you settle on a shade that you are absolutely certain about.

Novielli Painting can help you zero in on the PERFECT COLOR for your home inside and out.

Focusing on Paint Quality is Paramount

Of course, we know that sometimes your options may be limited to available funds, but that does not change the fact that quality paints are the best options. It makes sense to go for top-quality shelves because they will give you the magical look you have in mind. Besides, quality paints will last years before you need to paint the room again. On the other hand, budget paints age much faster and may require you to repaint yet again in the near future.

Novielli Painting uses the commercial paint contracting industries NUMBER ONE brand of paint and GUARANTEES the work. Our guarantee is part of our company slogan!

It Helps to Gather All you Need in One Place Before Starting

Imagine being in the middle of applying a decorative patch only to realize you do not have a particular brush. The resulting frustration and wasting of time can adversely affect the entire paint job. Painting calls for multiple objects such as brushes, cloths, and ladders. If you are to do an amazing job with beautiful results, you have to gather everything prior to starting the job.

A paint job is only as good as the results when everything is said and done. You cannot afford to mess with the walls of your room due to inadequate preparation. By following the above tips, you will be in a better position of achieving commendable results.

Novielli Painting exists to relieve you of the pressure that comes with the entire painting process so you can channel your energy on other things. Having been in the industry for so long, our work across Fresno and the Valley speaks for itself. Call us today to discuss how we may change the feel of your home and bring you renewed comfort.

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