In many areas, it can be hard to find a painting company that is experienced and reliable. In the Fresno area, we don’t have that problem. For over 30 years, Novielli’s Painting has been doing every type of painting job for Fresno surrounding areas like Hanford. From interiors and exteriors to commercial and residential properties, there’s no job too big or small for Novielli’s. Trust us to put a fresh shine on your home!


  • A painting company with over 30 years of experience
  • Care and detail from start to finish, starting with an accurate appraisal
  • Some of the most affordable painting in Central California
  • Interior and exterior painting ability
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee behind all of our work


Whether you’re updating a rental property, you just want a change, or you’re trying to upgrade your property for curb appeal, there’s nothing that Novielli can’t do for your interior or exterior in Hanford. We can dramatically increase the visual appeal of your home to give you something you’re proud to call your own or to sell to someone else! With two generations of painters behind our company, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Hanford Commercial Painting Services

The curb appeal of a property is always at the front of homeowners’ minds when making a renovation, but it’s less often that we hear about the curb appeal of commercial properties. That’s partially because a business’s curb appeal makes up so much of its overall appeal! People have to go home, no matter how it looks, however they likely won’t visit your business if it’s not appealing from the outside. Curb appeal translates to everyday profits for businesses. Use Novielli’s to boost yours.

Hanford Residential Painting Services

When it comes to residential painting, there’s no better choice in Central California than Novielli’s. Our Hanford residential customers have been seeing the benefits of our painting services for years. Whether you just need to renovate or you’re trying to resell your home, we can help you assess your needs, give you an accurate estimate, and give your home the modern look you want.

Hanford Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Renovating your kitchen is a huge undertaking, so why stop when you’re almost at the finish line? If you’ve recently installed cabinets or you’re renovating a home where the paint on the cabinets is failing, then we can help. At Novielli, our painting services take care of you and your cabinets to create an eye-catching feature that brightens the rest of your kitchen. We’ll work with you to get the colors that are just right for your interior design as well as the products that last the longest and best protect your cabinets and their material. Take care of your cabinets today with Novielli in Hanford.

Make Your Home or Business New Again

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all a home or business needs to come back to life again. You can help bring yours back with Novielli’s Painting. Contact us today for a free appraisal and to get your home renovations started!

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