As far as home renovations go, painting your home is one of the most reliable ways to increase your property value. When done correctly, repainting a home is one of the most sound investments you can make. That’s because paint alone can make a home look like new, it might even feel like a different home. At Novielli Painting in Fresno and the surrounding area, we’ll paint your interior or exterior in a way that’s almost guaranteed to raise the value of your home. 

Since paint is a standard asset in virtually every home, even if it’s just a basic eggshell or white, it’s very hard to lower the value of your home with a new coat of paint. If you’re going for increased property value, there are a few somewhat obvious colors to avoid for both the interior and the exterior, but otherwise, fresh paint can take years off of any room and when done right, it will increase your property values. One study found that interior paint returns more than double the homeowner’s investment, while exterior paint returned more than 1.5 times the investment. Here’s a little more on how that’s achieved.

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Everyone’s heard the phrase, “It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do,” and we see the reasons for that play out every day. A fresh coat of paint can really make your home look like new, and it accentuates all the other valuable features of your home. Nothing looks quite as good with a scuffed and dusty background as it does with a clean, shiny one.

Painting Your Kitchen – The kitchen is one of the most active rooms in any home. Cooking and eating, blending and beating, washing and drying, almost all of the activities you do in your kitchen are likely to leave some kind of residue on your walls. Slowly over time it becomes widespread, so much so that the homeowner might not even realize it until someone else points it out. A fresh coat of paint can eliminate years of grime off of kitchen walls, and give features like ovens, sinks, and countertops a better backdrop.

Painting Bathrooms – The bathroom, like the kitchen, is a room that everyone in your family visits everyday. It’s also often one of the most compact rooms in your home. This, and the nature of the bathroom with showering and cleaning, means that it’s going to be easy for paint to get damaged. Painting your bathroom is a great way to make it look years younger. Professional painters with the right design and a little rearranging or accessories are all you need to essentially remodel a bathroom.

Painting Living Rooms and Hallways – Living rooms and hallways are some of the most problematic aspects for homeowners when it comes time to have their property values assessed. They’re extremely easy to overlook in the day-to-day, as we simply pass through hallways and with living rooms we spend so much time in them, it’s hard to notice slow changes. That being said, your living room is likely the site for roughhousing, game play, and any large gatherings you might have, and hallways are the victims of countless missteps as you move things from room to room. Refreshing their paint before you have your first home evaluation can help put a higher floor on the offers you might eventually receive.

Painting Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets – Cabinets can be an overlooked asset, especially if you’ve always had the luxury of cabinet space. However, for some potential homeowners, cabinet space makes a huge difference. If you have nice cabinetry in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room, then you want to make sure they look their best. New cabinetry, especially extensive kitchen cabinetry, can cost anywhere from a couple thousand up into the tens of thousands, and making yours look like new could add similar figures to your home’s value.

Painting The Exterior – As far as property values, your home’s exterior paint job largely helps determine its curb appeal. Obviously, cracked and faded paint isn’t what every homeowner dreams of when they buy their “new” home. If you own an older home, then painting your exterior before you sell is crucial to get the most out of your investment. First impressions are powerful, and you don’t want a bad initial impression to have an anchoring effect on your home values.

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Paint Your Home To Increase Its Value in Fresno

If you’re looking to sell your home, or you’re simply investing in it for the future, then painting is a no brainer. Paint touches every room of your home and can make it look like new again. Let Novielli Painting give your home a fresh new look, contact us in Fresno, Clovis, Selma, Sanger, and the surrounding area.