The paint color you choose will play a big role in determining the warmth and mood your home radiates for years to come. As such, taking time to establish the best type of paint color is paramount. One of the challenges that make color selection a delicate step is achieving harmony with other colors in the room. The positioning of the wall in terms of both natural and electric lighting also comes into play. With this in mind, the following tips will guide you into choosing the best paint color for your house.

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As a person wary of making mistakes, consider selecting your paint color after you have figured out all other things that the room will harbor. These could be carpets, furniture, and décor. With thousands of colors and shades readily available, it makes more sense to look for a paint color that supplements room accessories, rather than look for accessories that match with an already painted wall.


Modern paint manufacturers produce paint testers alongside their products. Always use these readily available and affordable testers to facilitate your color selection process. Novielli Painting will provide a series of swatches to help with your final decisions.

Apply different colors and shades on different sections of the wall to discover how each influences the mood of the room. Be sure to observe the painted areas for a day or two in order to see how your favorite colors and shades look during different times of the day and under diverse weather conditions.


The drive to go all flashy, colorful, and bold may be overwhelming, especially if you naturally have a knack for color blends. Oppositely, it is best to go neutral for walls and turn to accessories and other pieces in the room for color. Keep in mind that changing the colors of your accents and accessories is more practical than repainting walls every time you want a different feel in the room. Additionally, neutrally painted walls give you the freedom to tone up the room to suit different seasons and holidays by adding décor and other pieces. Not forgetting that neutral colors are good at hiding dirt, making them ideal for family houses.

Choosing the wrong color for your room is correctable in its capacity, but will cost more time and money, to say the least. As such, taking time to figure out your ideal color is one of the most important steps of the home painting process. Common mistakes that people make include unknowingly going for an overly saturated shade, and failure to consider the desired emotional mood of the room. By following the above tips, you will be in a better position to avoid such mistakes as you search for the best colors to bring your home to life.

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