Are you done with buying your favorite paints to transform your home’s interior? If yes then you might have missed one thing and that is how to prepare for your paint project. Painting your home is all fun and excitement until you’re getting the exact look you went for!

Home painting services usually get yourself covered for prepping the space to be painted. It is as necessary as choosing the right color and texture. Without a proper prepping session, your home painting experience can be messy or not up to the mark!

Would you take any chance of compromising your interior’s basic look? Then, this article is for you to know how home painters or professional painters should prepare for paint projects.

Get Professional Services First!

Before starting up with the task, make sure your painting project is handled by professional painters or painting contractors. Nevertheless, Novielli painting services at Fresno CA may be a dream choice to have your home painted like a piece of art! Because our team of experienced home painters knows how to convert your interior or exterior into a craft to remember.

Tips to Prepare For Your Paint Project

After sorting out important concerns, now is the time to leap to the prepping task. Here are the master tips for painting your home like a pro.

Prepping and Protecting the Surfaces

The first and foremost job you have to get your hands on is preparing the surfaces. Here’s how to make the walls ready to paint:


Start with wiping the dust away with a cloth duster or a vacuum. Wipe out every sort of untidiness or color chalking done on the walls to have a flawless finish. Take a damp cloth and wipe the walls to clean the remaining debris one more time. Wait for the walls to dry until you move to the next step.

Filling Pores

No matter how firm and smooth the paint is, pores or tiny holes always steal the entire look. Take some putty material and fill out every hole. Once dried, sand and smooth it evenly. Make sure this filing is even and is completely dried before painting.

Protecting the Surfaces and Tapping Borders

It is the right time to cover the surfaces with brown paper or any protective paper to save the surfaces from the after mess. You can also cover the boundaries or borderlines that are not to be painted with tape. Thus, you are all good to go without worries. And this is how professional painting experts at Novielle do the painting!

Priming the Surfaces, Get the Supplies Ready

Painting contractors or professional painters at any painting services prefer to prime the surfaces with some extra effort. Here is how you can apply their skill and have a flawless interior or exterior:

Apply Primer

Primer not only makes the final results smoother but also protects against quick wear and tear. It helps the paint adhere to the surfaces for longer. Usually, there are two types of primers, water-based and oil-based ones.
Make sure the primer you’re opting for is matchable in composition with the paint you’re choosing. Quickly drying primers are very handy and are perfect to give a longwear primary coat.

Once you’ve applied the primer, give it some time to dry before applying the second coat. Done with applying the primer, sand it to make the surface adherent to the paint.

Get the Supplies Ready

Your home’s walls are now ready to get covered in your favorite color. To keep the process organized and prevent last-minute hassle, get the supplies ready that you’ll require for painting.


Home painting requires a lot of care and practice to have the final look of your dreams. With some tips, you can be a pro at home painting! However, you can also seek professional painting services. Painting services at Novielli make sure that your paint not only lasts longer but also guarantees against quick wear and tear.