How to Prepare for Your Paint Project? 

Wall preparation before painting is a prerequisite to giving your home a flawless finished interior. If the paint preparation process is carried out with all the necessary care and directions, the painted walls can give a magical tone to your home! 

Sometimes it’s about filling those tiny nail holes and cracks, and other times it’s about getting rid of the previous application. 

Our professional painting experts at Novielli are dedicated to providing a majestic glow to the painted walls. And it’s only achievable if the base is primed and has no scars to show up! 

Five Essential Steps of Paint Preparation Process 

Although there’s no standard way to achieve a perfect canvas, it depends on the wear and tear of the surface and the final color you want to show up! 

Fill Up the Holes and Cracks 

First, look for the pores that can make your painted walls uglier and messy. You can use putty fillers to cover up these holes and cracks so there’s a smooth canvas to apply the final coat. 

Henceforth, be it glossy, matte, or a velvety finish, it is only achieved when the surfaces are perfectly smoothed out! 

Clean the Rough and Patchy Surfaces 

Are you done with the cracks? Well, your task doesn’t end here.

Look for dust, debris, stains, or unfortunate grease marks. Clean them with a damp cloth soaked in a mild detergent or a scrapper. Or it’s going to ruin the intricateness of your paint project! 

Cover the Edges with Masking Tape 

Masking tape is a lifesaver when it comes to protecting edgy surfaces, ceilings, and door cases. Apply masking tape wherever you don’t want a slight hint of paint. 

Once the paint application is completely dried, you can take it off carefully! 

Cover the Surfaces 

One of the most important steps is to protect your furniture, bedding and covers, carpets, and furnished floors from messy paint marks. After you finish the cleaning-related chores, cover the entire room with a protective sheet to shield it against stubborn paint stains. 

Apply Primer 

You’re one step away from the final paint application, and that’s applying a primer. A primer perfects out the entire canvas and gives your paint application the desired finish! 

There are multiple types of primers; you can also make your paint preparation process handier with paint-and-prime kind of primers. 

At Novielli painting services, our painters effortlessly cover the preparation process for you with their ultimate skill and professionalism!