The kitchen is a popular place. It’s where your family hangs out. It’s where groups of friends congregate at parties, even though you have a huge living room. It’s cozy, comfortable, and, well, it’s where the food is!

Some people neglect the decor in their kitchen despite the fact they spend so much time there. At Novielli Painting, we advise the opposite. Turn your kitchen into one of the prize rooms in your home. Here are some tips when it comes to choosing paint for your walls and cabinets


If your kitchen has a lot of natural light, it gives you the option to choose darker color pallets for your walls and cabinets. The natural light will accent the darker colors without making the room feel dark. 

If your kitchen is dark, you’ll want to avoid darker colors because it’s likely to make the room feel stuffy and cold. It will even make your kitchen feel small and cramped. 

If you don’t have natural light in your kitchen and you want darker color choices, think about installing adequate lights to compliment those colors.   


Size is a factor that many people don’t consider, but it’s important to think about with kitchen paint. 

The main factor is that if you have a large kitchen with vast wall space and a lot cabinets, bold vibrant colors will likely prove overwhelming. In this case, simply the amount of color creates sensory overload. 

If your kitchen is small and dark, then going bold may be just what you need. The right color combinations will make your kitchen feel more spacious and bright. 

Consider how stimulating you want the paint colors in your kitchen to be based on the size of your walls and cabinets. 


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One of the tricks with kitchen wall and cabinet painting is to match up colors and styles with the furniture, appliances, and fixtures in your kitchen.

Start your color choices with furniture, appliances, and fixtures. Match to what you have, or if you’re doing a whole makeover, coordinate those three things first. Overall, you won’t have as much choice with colors with these items (particularly with appliances) as you will with paint, so it’s easier to match the paint to them than the reverse. 

At the same time, consider the suggestions we’ve already made and keep them in mind. If you have a large, well-lit kitchen, you can choose furniture, appliances, and fixtures with modest colors that won’t overwhelm. If you need to brighten up a small, dark kitchen, start shopping around for yellow blenders and white toasters. You can get bold with your color choices. 

If you’re not sure about how to select colors or paint types for your kitchen walls or cabinets, contact us today for some free advice. We are one of the most experienced residential and kitchen cabinet painters in the Fresno area, and we’ll make sure you choose the right color combinations for your kitchen space.