Pro Tips and Tricks to Paint Your Bedroom

Does your room feel like the same old place you went to? Or, that homey vibe of a comfy bedroom is missing, and you’re bored of those ill-painted walls. If any of these queries say yes, then it’s time to rehab your bedroom with the help of Novielli commercial painting services. 

Moreover, you can also transform your bedroom interior by sprinkling our suggested professional painting tips and tricks. However, hire professional painting contractors to do it perfectly to give a flawless finish to the interior paint. 

Top 5 Bedroom Painting Tips – Tried & Trusted Ways

From playing with the right paint shade to giving the texture and finish of your dreams, it requires a pile of professional painting expertise. 

Here are the secret tips and tricks for bedroom painting followed by top home painters: 

  1. Get Your Supplies Ready 

The standard supplies you’ll require to paint your room like a pro will be the same as you’ve used. However, it’s better to keep up with the said checklist: 

  • Paint, paint roller, painter’s masking tape
  • Paint tray, extension pole for paint roller 
  • Angled and straight paint brushes 
  • Drop cloths, Sandpaper 
  • Knife for putty application 
  • Rags

Experts at Novelli painting have the perfect skill to do paint magic with these supplies! 

  1. Prepare the Room 

Professional painting tips always suggest preparing your room before getting the walls ready for paint application. 

  • Take off all the wall hangings, wallpapers, and curtains. 
  • Take out the furniture and the carpeting covers. Or you can cover the furniture top with a plastic sheet or wrap. 
  • Outline the windows and doors encasement, corners of the room, switch plates, and other moldings with masking or painter’s tape. 
  1. Fill Out the Flaws and Prime The Surfaces 

To have a crisp finish and make your bedroom painting stay longer, you need to undertake these simple steps before painting: 

  • Scrap the surfaces and textured walls. 
  • Sand the surfaces to get rid of the previous tint. 
  • Cover the holes and cracks with putty to even out the surfaces. 
  • Apply a tinted primer that matches your paint color to have a striking interior paint experience! 

A room’s paint is as perfectly finished as its priming is, and Novielli painting services will serve the job for you! 

  1. Paint Application 

Hence, it’s time to start playing with the painting brushes and rollers. The best way is to:

  • To finish the edges and corners, use an angled paintbrush. 
  • Use rollers with variable surface area for walls. 
  • Apply the paint in W or M-shaped strokes 
  • Give time to dry out the first coat
  1. Final Finish 

Finish your painted walls paint extender to avoid brush strokes and stains! Clean up your paint supplies with a nice foaming cleanser. Remove the making taps and drop cloths, and refinish your room as you like!