Whether it’s in the kitchen, the living room, or the bathrooms, in the winter of 2020 you’ll likely be spending more time in your home than ever, and you’ll be that much more likely to notice the wear on your home’s interior. Repainting your interior is a great way to improve your property value, as well as give your home a fresh new vibe for you to enjoy.

For over 40 years, Novielli Painting has been providing high-quality interior and exterior painting services. We’ve seen customers who want to repaint every year and customers who may not have painted since the home was built, but there are some easy and surefire ways to see whether or not you’re in need of interior painting service.

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Depending on the area of the home you’re painting, there are likely to be different intervals at which you feel the need to paint. Given their uses, kitchens and kids’ rooms can need to be repainted quite often while guest rooms and garages only seldomly need to be repainted. However, no matter what room you’re in, these are surefire signs that a new coat of paint would be an upgrade.

Fading In Sunny Areas

The sun can have a big impact on the color of your paint over time. While this is more of an issue with the exterior, often turning vibrant colors into pukish pastels, it can happen on the interior as well. Light streams through windows and shades. As it can with most things, the sun can fade the part of the wall it’s hitting overtime so you don’t really have the color you started with. 

When Stains and Scuffs Build Up 

Particularly troublesome in kitchens and kids’ rooms, over time there’s just no way to avoid a few scuff marks and stains. Over even more time, you may have many of them. Painting the walls of your kitchen, kids’ rooms, or hallways can take years off of your home’s interior like you couldn’t imagine. It’s the type of thing you can’t picture until you see the difference. Even if you keep the same color, painting a kitchen or hallway that hasn’t been touched in years can be like the difference between an old box television and 4kHD.

Flaked and Scratched Paint In High Traffic Areas

It’s pretty obvious that you need a fresh coat of paint when your interior starts to flake. If you’re remodeling or renovating for the first time in years, then you may see flaking paint and stains on your wooden furniture. Kitchen cabinets are one of the primary candidates for heavy scratches and flaking. The combination of the wood, often improper priming, and the elements of the kitchen can make it so your paint comes off in chunks.

Doorways, windows, and baseboards are also candidates for cracking and scratched paint. Because of their very use, they’re susceptible to bangs, dings, and many tiny scratches, plus, they’re more likely to encounter water and other things that could damage the surface of the paint. When you get an interior painting from Novielli, we’ll make sure all these problem spots are addressed along with the walls, by experts edging in perfect lines

You’re Feeling Bored or Cooped Up

Sometimes you just need a change, and applying that concept to your home’s interior might never be more understandable than it is in 2020. Feeling like you’re ready for a change to your home’s interior is reason enough to make interior renovations, and if you’ve been dealing with the same design for a while then maybe you deserve it. You change over time, why shouldn’t your home change with you? A fresh paint job, a few decorations, and reorganizing your furniture could be a needed boost to morale.

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At Novielli’s, our painters are experienced enough to provide you with a paint job you love and one that will last as well. Whether it’s kids’ bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or cabinets, we’ll give your interior a great new look. Contact us today in Fresno, Clovis, Kingsburg, and all of the surrounding Fresno area.