You’d be surprised how hard a time people have answering this question. Residents in the Fresno area will walk around their homes, ponder the condition of the paint, and even find places where it’s peeling and pull off a sample.

Then the procrastination starts. It doesn’t look so bad. This part of the house isn’t even noticeable to the neighbors. It can probably wait another year. 

This amateur inspection is not the best way to determine if your home’s painting is in critical condition. We realize that paying to have your home painted may not be as exciting as a weekend vacation or tickets to the big show, but there is a point of no return with exterior paint. If you wait too long, you may incur even more costly damage to your home’s exterior. 

Here are indications to look for with your home’s exterior paint. If you see these signs, it’s time to call Novielli Painting for a free estimate


Homes with different types of material require exterior painting at different intervals. Wood siding generally requires attention every few years, but brick can go without new paint for decades. Here is an outline of exterior painting intervals based on materials.

  • Wood siding: Paint wood siding every three to seven years. Wood siding is susceptible to moisture penetration and sun-aging, and since it’s porous it absorbs some paint as it is applied, so it needs a coat of paint more often than other materials.
  • Aluminum and stucco: Aluminum and stucco are stable materials, but the coat of paint on them is susceptible to chipping. We advise that you plan to paint your home every five years if you have an aluminum or stucco facade.
  • Cement fiberboard: This material is one of the most weather resistant available and will maintain a coat of paint for over a decade. We advise you plan to paint cement fiberboard siding about every 10 to 15 years.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl siding is very durable and can stand up to the effects of weather for decades. We advise you plan on painting your home every 20 years if you have vinyl siding.
  • Brick: Brick will last for generations, and it also holds a coat of paint for a very long period of time.  Plan on painting your home every 15 to 20 years. 


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Chipping is, without a doubt, the most common problem with your house paint as well as the easiest to spot. Cracked or chipped paint will inevitably show as the paint ages, but it may also show up significantly earlier if the paint wasn’t applied properly. Damage from severe weather like hail or frost may also cause chipping. 

Chipped paint is a problem because it lets in moisture that can damage the foundational materials of your home. It’s a clear sign it’s time to call Novielli for an estimate. 


As your paint begins to reach its age limit, you’ll start to notice discoloration. This will start in places where your home gets the most sunlight. Discoloration often precedes cracking and is a sign of old paint ready to be removed and replaced. 


Take a look at your house. Do you enjoy the colors? Are you proud of your house, or is it one of the more outdated, dingy-looking homes on the block?

Sometimes you just want a change. Check out our gallery of residential paint jobs, all done in the greater Fresno California area. Do you see something that looks like what you’re dreaming of? Then call us today and get a free estimate.