When it comes to painting your home’s exterior, fitting it in can be one of the biggest obstacles to getting it done. It can be easy to let another year go by without updating your exterior paint. However, if you know the best time to paint, or at least a time frame that will work for you, then you can start planning ahead to get your home painted this year.

In Fresno, and the rest of the Central California area, conventional painting periods for many more temperate or predictable climates don’t really apply. The beauty of that is that it leaves windows to have your home painted year around. At Novielli Painting, we will do our best to accommodate your exterior paint job throughout the year, but to ensure you get your exterior painting done as soon as possible, it’s best to reserve us early in case of any weather delays in the schedule.


To put it simply, early spring is the best time to have your home exterior painted in a climate like Fresno’s, but there are pockets of time throughout the year where we may be able to fit in your exterior paint job. Here’s some things to consider when thinking about when to paint your exterior in Fresno or the surrounding areas. At Novielli Painting, we serve Fresno, and the surrounding area, including Hanford, Clovis, Sanger, Kingsburg, Visalia, Reedley, and more. These basic rules should apply to homes throughout the area.

Exterior Painting in the Spring

As we’ve said, the spring is the best time to get your exterior painted in Fresno, whether you’re painting a commercial or residential building. Unlike many other areas of the country, spring is not necessarily California’s wet season, the winter is. In moist weather, paint won’t dry properly. The spring, being relatively dry and maintaining cool temperatures compared to the summer, provides the most consistent weather for painting in our area, with early to mid spring giving you the best mix. Plus, you have a shiny new exterior to show off all summer.

Exterior Painting in the Summer

As the spring starts to come to a close, temperatures will start to rise and start to eliminate the best days for painting. Once weather starts to get into the high 90’s, there are certain paints that dry much too quickly to apply even coats. We mitigate this problem and still manage many exterior painting projects during the summer by working around the hottest parts of the day and fitting as much in during early summer and cooler days as possible. While not the best time to paint an exterior, summer still affords many opportunities to paint.

Exterior Painting in the Fall

The fall is an underrated time to paint your exterior. By mid-fall, many people’s minds have transitioned to prepping for the coming winter and activities that go with it. Painting your exterior is often thought of as a spring or summer task, probably because it revitalizes your exterior, but because of that thinking, it might make it easier for you to fit in your own paint job without many scheduling conflicts. With other homeowner’s minds on the coming winter, the weather shouldn’t give you much trouble either. Temperatures stay warm enough throughout the fall to paint, and moisture doesn’t typically become a problem until mid-to-late November.

Exterior Painting in the Winter

As we said, there are pockets of time throughout the seasons where Novielli Painting may be able to fit in your exterior painting. The winter still provides those times, but they are less frequent. Ideally, we’d be painting in weather above 60 degrees and with low moisture, and luckily there are a fair amount of days in our winter around that temperature. When we see combinations of those temperatures and dryer-than-usual days, then we can fit some exteriors in. It never hurts to check and see. With homeowner’s minds on other things, calling in the winter could get you one of the next viable spots on the calendar.


At Novielli, we want nothing more than to be the best painting company in Fresno and the surrounding area. With more than 40 years of experience in the area and in the industry, you can trust us to provide beautiful interior and exterior painting no matter what time of year it is. For residential or commercial painting you’ll love as soon as possible, contact Novielli Painting and get on the schedule today!