Spring and summer are approaching Northern California, and many homeowners are thinking of painting their homes. It’s a good time of year to have the interior and exterior of your home painted. 

As you consider paints for the interior and exterior of your home, you’re no doubt running through all types of color considerations. What colors do you like, and how will you find schemes that are unique yet match? 

One way to do this is to match seasonal colors. There are certain colors that have a feel which corresponds to a season. For example, rusty orange is a fall color and turquoise is a winter color. 

Probably the most popular “season” for residential painting is summer. The colors are warm, vibrant, and natural. Here are some suggestions for summer paint colors. 


This is a bold color that sings summer and is most often used as an accent. Use it places that you want to energize and brighten. 


This calm blue color has the relaxing effect of looking up at a clear blue sky on a lazy summer afternoon. This works well in home office spaces, small kitchens, and bathrooms. 


This vibrant yellow color has the quality of a sunbeam and adds a strong element of brightness to any room. Like orange, it’s most often used as an accent because it can become overwhelming, but don’t be afraid to use it in your kitchen, family room, or finished basement. Accent this color with contrasting colors like sage green or bright blue. 

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This is a muted pink that has timeless, sophisticated quality. It matches well with a variety of other colors and adds a unique accent to any room. 


Don’t need to say a lot about this bright color choice. Works well in places like a breakfast nook or well-lit bathroom. 


This is a classic blue that adds depth and regal sensibility to a living or family room. Matches well with muted yellow or orange. 


This often gets overlooked, but in rooms that need to come alive bright white is one of the most effective colors. It’s a color that works for all seasons and matches with any other choices. 


This is a really nice accent color that’s popular in kitchens, kids rooms, and game rooms. 


This is a muted but warm color that is perfect for rooms with darker furniture or fixtures. It’s mellow and pleasing in a way that makes it a popular compromise if your family is having a hard time making color choices. 


This is another warm, muted color that has does a really nice job of contrasting with bright interiors and bold trims. This color will give the room a kind of sandy, beach feel that is the essence of summer. 

Spring and summer are busy times for painting contractors, so we suggest you reach out to Novielli Painting today and to get on our schedule. Summer is a colorful time in the Fresno area, and we have the skills to bring that beauty to the walls of your home