The Novielli Painting Process

From Start to Finish, We Hit On Every Detail

Trust an Experienced Painting Company That Keeps You in Mind

At Novielli Painting in Fresno and the surrounding areas, our first priority is filling out the 100% satisfaction guarantee that we provide with every job. We’ll start the job by getting the exact details and desires for your paint job or how it will work with your interior design, and after we finish painting, we’ll check in and touch up until you can say you’re satisfied with the work. Give us a call and see why we’ve been in business for 30+ years!

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The Benefits of Residential and Commercial Painting with Novielli Painting

  • One of the most experienced companies for painting in the Fresno area, you probably been to houses or visited businesses who have used us already
  • A locally owned and operated company; we take care of our clients and neighbors because they take care of us
  • A full, detailed process, unmatched by other painting services and with on time scheduling execution and accurate timelines.
  • The skill to execute certain designs and images, beyond a simple coat of paint
  • A beautiful paint job that lasts for years to come.

The Process of Painting With Novielli

When it comes to painting, the devil is in the details. Anyone can cover a wall with a coat of paint, but being able to paint well so that the paint will last is another story. Time and time again, we’ve repainted work done by other “professionals.” However, with Novielli, you never have to worry about that, because we pay attention to every detail and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well! We won’t stop until you give your stamp of approval.

With every home and business, we make it our job to cover every detail, including fixing the things that could put the lifespan of your paint in jeopardy. We’ll even do minor repairs for things like siding, window frames, and baseboards to make sure there are no gaps in your paint job or spots where paint could easily be picked at or deteriorated. Beyond our keen eye and superior skill set, our process helps make sure all of these details are touched on and that the homes and businesses we paint in Fresno and the surrounding area have a new look that home and business owners, their guests, and customers will love.

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Painting Design and Cost Consultation

The first step in working with Novielli is of course contacting us! From there, we’ll set up a time to come and view your home or business and get a feel for your vision and any possible interior design needs that we can help with. Not only will we establish colors, costs, and timelines while visually inspecting the size and architectural design of your home, but we’ll also take into consideration any special designs you want along with if and how we can accommodate them. This is one of the biggest things that sets us apart from other painting companies — our willingness to go above and beyond to provide services that others won’t or can’t.

Scraping, Sanding, and Caulking

When painting, you want to make sure that you have a smooth and even surface to work with before you apply primer and paint. We’ll scrape and sand any siding until there’s an even surface. Depending on the state of your exterior paint, this could take a full day or more, but it's worth it to us to make sure we get an even coat throughout. On the inside of your home or property, if there are holes or divots in your wall, we can fill them, and sand down and putty that remains. Once the scraping, filling, and sanding is done, we can finally caulk any cracks in your floorboards, siding, or other seams of your house.



Priming is an important step for most walls if you want to get a coat that lasts. For unfinished walls and walls with a previous glossy finish, priming provides texture so your walls aren’t quite so flat. For unfinished walls, wood, and masonry, a coat of primer will keep the paint from absorbing into the wall. Allowing for a more even finish with less money spent on paint. Even dark, finished walls can benefit from primer, as it makes it easier for lighter colors to be painted over with less paint.

Applying the Paint

After we’ve got everything set up just the way we like it for the best looking finish, we get to the final piece that everyone knows, the painting! Before we paint, we’ll tape along the trim of your walls and have plastic covering any areas in danger of paint dripping with plastic. Finally, with your walls fully prepped, we should typically only need two coats of paint to make your home look like new. However, sometimes, depending on the previous work done, there may have to be more. Before we paint, we’ll tape along the trim of your walls and have plastic covering any areas in danger of paint dripping with plastic.


Design and Timeline Consultation


Prepping your Home






The Final Touches

To help fill out our satisfaction guarantee, we’ll reexamine the whole house after we’re done to see if there’s something we missed or could have done better. We’ll also walk around with you to see if you like everything you see. If there’s anything we can do better, or something you wanted done differently, we’ll take care of it and won’t stop until you approve of the work we’ve done.

Trust Novielli Painting For Your Fresno Home

On top of all the things we mentioned above, it’s important when you’re painting to know the area your painting company works in as well. With more than 30 years in Fresno and the surrounding area, including Sanger, Hanford, Clovis, Kingsburg, Visalia, and more, we know just what it takes to make exteriors that will last and interiors that potential homeowners and guests will love. The next time you need to paint your home or business, trust Novielli Painting company for the best painting company in Fresno.

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