When you think about increasing your property values, it’s understandable if your mind instantly goes to a laundry list of repairs that needs to be done or all the things you could install in your home. However, there are much easier, less expensive ways to increase the value of your home without breaking the back.

At Novielli Painting, we’re strong believers in the effect that paint can have on a home, and it’s been proven time and time again to be an easy way to revitalize your home. Unlike other home renovation options, there’s no demolition, no cutting out, and no plumbing to install. It’s a clean, non-invasive way to improve the appeal of your home. Once you’re convinced that interior painting is right for your home renovations, give us a call in Fresno, Clovis, Selma, and the rest of the surrounding area.

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It’s a One-Step Effort – Unlike other renovation projects that might take multiple contractors, multiple trips to your home, and various features being installed before they’re finished, painting your bathroom, kitchen, or any room of your interior is a one-step process to a new design and mood. You can often keep basically all of the same decor, and aside from taking down a shelf or two and moving some furniture, applying paint is as simple as getting other things out of the way and going to work.

It’s Basically Guaranteed To Increase Home Values – There are few other things that increase the value of your home like a nice coat of paint. Unlike many other home renovations, there are no drawbacks or added expenses with paint. Potential home buyers are going to evaluate everything on a cost-to-use basis. Sure, hot tubs and home theaters are nice, but they’re really not for everyone — especially when you consider maintenance and utility costs. 

A coat of paint costs you nothing after application and could completely revamp the home you have now. Just be sure to pick a popular, timeless color if you want to give your property value the biggest easy boost it can get.

It Goes With Every Room — Whether you have a residential or commercial space, no one’s ever said, “I wish this room wasn’t painted.” That’s because without paint, unless you live in a hardwood cabin, your home is likely to look bleak and unfinished. It’s basically the same for older homes as well. Interiors that haven’t been painted lately, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where stains and chemicals are often seen and used, can come to have a bleak and haunted feeling. Again, as long as you pick the right color, it’s almost never a bad idea to add a coat of paint for an easy boost in your home’s value.

It’ll Never Put You In The Negative — Paint is one thing you can count on to never lose its value or cost you money in the long run. Sure, paint may fade, but it will never break or be the reason that you have to get other things repaired or changed. Homeowners should take these things into account. Hot tubs, pools, and even appliances often just look like added costs to home buyers. Painting as a renovation means never going into your pockets, or even in debt, to repair or replace something that was meant to make life better.

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Get Your Interior Paint Services From Novielli Today!

If you’re ready to step up your home’s interior paint job, enjoy your home more, and increase the property value of your home, then call Novielli Painting in Fresno, Visalia, Hanford, and the surrounding area. We’ll help you and your potential buyers fall in love with your home. You may not want to leave!