Many people think that once they’ve found the perfect color of paint, they can just slap it onto any old surface and be done with it. However, this article will show you that painting over rotten wood can wreak havoc on both your painting project and the home in which it resides. Before you paint over your next rotten wood repair job, here are some things to keep in mind regarding the proper way to handle this kind of situation.

Painting Rotted Wood – Don’ts

While it may seem like a good idea, it’s never a good idea to paint over rotted wood. Doing so is just masking your problem and creating a more costly mess in your home. Do yourself (and your wallet) a favor: Fix rot before painting! Title: How to Repair Rotting Wood Before Painting Painting Rotted Wood – Do’s: The best way to repair rotting wood is by repairing what caused it in the first place. For example, if there was water damage or an electrical issue that led to rot, you need to find out what caused that damage and fix it immediately.

Painting a Furniture Piece With Rotted Wood

In interior painting, it’s too easy to hit wood rot and cause further damage by not knowing what to do. A better idea is to replace rotten wood before you even imagine painting a piece of furniture. The process can be tricky, but with a little know-how, repairing rotten wood is possible—you need a few supplies and plenty of patience.

Repairing the Rot and Applying New Finish

Don’t even consider painting over rotting wood when it comes time to paint. Please get rid of it and replace it with new wood. But don’t be in too big of a hurry; take your time and do a thorough job. When you have good wood under your finish, you’ll have a good surface on which to put your finish. That would make Novielli Painting happy because we’d like our customers to be happy with their house painting!

Preparing your Home Exterior Before Painting

Make sure you know your wood is sound before you paint. That means checking for moisture, water damage, or other potential issues. Then, remove loose and peeling paint using a hammer and chisel to remove it down to bare wood (if possible), sand it down, then prime and repaint! Novielli Painting Company, your professionals when it comes to house painting services, have everything you need to ensure a perfect finish. From preparation to priming and painting, we’ve got you covered. Call us at 559 668-0500 for an estimate on interior or exterior painting projects.

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